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The Sufiway Tariqa Qadiri Boutchich


It is quite simple, we love each other, we love GOD,

and GOD loves us and that's all it is.

Friends of God - AWLIYA

"Lo! verily the friends of Allah! no fear comes upon them, nor shall they grieve."


To discover Sufism, it is up to you to take the first step to drink from the sources of Divine Love. It is like honey 'You cannot enjoy its sweetness if you do not taste it'.

Path to God - Tariqa

It is the way of the knowledge of God, and serenity of the heart.

Welcome to The Sufiway Tariqa Qadiri Boutchich

"Our way is the way of sincerity and of love; it is a Muhammadan way based on Holy Book of Revelation - QURAN and Prophet's example - SUNNAH ."


"Islam is a religion of Oneness of GOD, love and peace. It symbolises permanent effort, ceaseless striving for excellence of behaviour and sincerity of worship; Sufism is its heart. It is the way of the Knowledge of GOD, and serenity of the heart."

Sidi Hamza al Qadiri al BOUTCHICH


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