The Beloved Prophet of GOD

By  Sidi Mounir Qadiri Boutchich

Sidi Mounir Qadiri Boutchich was born in Morocco. He grew up in the family of the Qadiri Boutchich and his earliest education was obtained from this Pure source. He graduated from Oujda University in Literary Science in 1994, and completed his degree in Law at the Dar al Hassania Institute, Rabat, in 1996. His search for knowledge brought him to France where he has studied for a wide range of Degrees, followed by a Masters in Social Anthropology at the Europe-Maghrib Institute in Paris 2001. He recently completed his Doctorate in Islamic Law at the Sorbonne-Paris, where he researches Communication and Sufism. He is also known for his many publications on Sufism, the latest being “The Sufi presence in an age of Globalisation (2004)”.

‘Sidi Mounir Qadiri Boutchich – Zawiya Madagh, Morocco – April 2006 – Occasion of the Moulid anNabawiya (The celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of GOD be upon him)’  
“In the name of GOD, the Lenient, the Most Merciful, Our Lord, prayers upon our Master Mohammed (SAW), the Noble Prophet, the holder of the elevated station, and upon his descendants and his companions, and greet him with the most perfect of greetings.

Our generous master, the sublime doctor of hearts, our guide towards GOD, honourable ulémaas (Scholars), dear guests, beloved friends, invocator’s with a thirst for prophetic lights which irrigate souls revitalising hearts: 

Peace be upon you and the grace of GOD and HIS blessings (Salam Alaykoum Wa rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh),  welcome to your house.

The souls of the knowledgeable are lost in the oceans of love for the most perfect of GOD’s creatures, GOD’s beloved, the sublime model of all perfection, our Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Their thirst has only increased and they continue to rise up the scale of love, each at his station and according to his aspiration.

The immense joy that invades our hearts and souls on this blessed occasion is a sign of our love for the Prophet (SAW). This is a celebration of every instant. It is no fleeting celebration; the mere repetition of a popular tradition or social ceremony. This celebration and this durable and continuous joy are linked to the great and noble place that our beloved Prophet (SAW) deserves. GOD graced him with His proximity and qualified him as a mercy for all humanity. GOD attributed His beloved Prophet with such an incomparable dignity, an eminent degree of which only the Creator could know the reality, along with those that GOD has chosen and drawn towards Him amongst all of the pure, the knowledgeable, the Gnostic and realised beings; those worthy of His love, of His proximity and of His presence; those who have filled the eyes of their hearts with Muhammadan lights and who are extinguished in his love coming from their ardent desire.

Mahabba (love) is a precious goal and a noble station that only the most sincere amongst the chosen servants of GOD can attain. In hadith , the Prophet (SAW) précis’s  that “Nobody has experienced faith until he loves me more that his children, his parents and everybody else.”

The love for the Prophet (SAW) that his companions held for him finds its continuation in Sufism, which is the school of love; love for GOD and for His Messenger (SAW). We can find many examples of this love in the books, poems and qasaïd (sufi songs), which stem directly from this station of Mahabba (Love). This luminous torch that pure, healthy and divine hearts have transmitted from generation to generation and which now, by the grace and favour of GOD, inhabits the heart of our own master, Sidi Hamza, may Allah accept him, this noble descendant of the prophetic lineage. By this Muhammadan light he heals the illness of the heart and revives them, pulling them out of unconsciousness and teaching them to love.

The spiritual education of the heart is the teaching of the love for GOD and His Prophet (SAW); the submission to his guidance and the inspiration of his noble characteristics. 

The love of the Prophet (SAW) is one of the obligations of our religion as one’s faith is not complete without it. It is a love which perfects the respect of the Sunna (Prophetic example) and engenders the love of all those who love the Prophet (SAW), his descendants and his companions.

The veneration for the family of the Prophet (SAW) is a necessity of the religion before being a condition of the love for the Prophet (SAW). In a hadith reported by Muslim, the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “Oh men, I am one who will soon respond to the calling of the messenger of GOD (the angel of death). I leave amongst you two great things: the first is the book of GOD, which is guidance and light; take the book of GOD and attach yourselves to it. The second is the members of my family; I recommend to you the members of my family, I recommend to you the members of my family.”

The teaching of the Prophet (SAW) embeds in our hearts love, forgiveness and tolerance; and embellishes our souls with excellence of conduct. The Prophet (SAW) said: “You do not touch people with your money but with your welcoming face and behaviour”.  This generous prophetic conduct comes directly from his divine education, according to hadith: “My Lord educated me with a good education.”

Numerous Hadith’s (Prophetic tradition’s) indicate that the Muhammadan conduct is not acquired through reading nor through learning texts; even less so through simple hope or external imitation. It requires a personal effort and constant work upon oneself in order to combat the negative leanings of the soul and to abandon all attachment to passions, so as to clothe oneself in the noble qualities of the Prophet (SAW).

The servant strives to purify his heart and to educate his soul through companionship and invocation “dikhr”; with perseverance and continuity. It is in this way that he can attain to the knowledge, which is fruit of love, “Mahabba”. If hearts and souls purify and are embellished with the lights of vigilance and the manifestations of contemplation; our actions and conduct with the Creator and His creations will be accepted.

In this way we send forth men who are useful to society, which is one of the objectives of the four blessed Tariqa and one of the fruit of its educational teaching.

We would like to repeat our welcome to all those who have come here for GOD. We thank all those who have helped in the creation and success of this Divine celebration. “

* key: (SAW) sallallahu alehi wa salam ‘prayers and peace of GOD be upon him’

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