Assiduity in spiritual practices
GOD says : “So remember Me, I shall remember you. ” (Quran Surah:2:152)

The Prophet (blessings and peace of GOD be upon him) said: “Certainly, everything has a means of purification, and certainly the means of purification of the heart  is the invocation (dhikr) of GOD.” 

Way of the SufiThe Sufi way is based on assiduity and constancy in spiritual practices, whether they are obligatory, supererogatory practices or quite simply good deeds.  The purification of heart and the routing towards GOD cannot be made without taking action against passions of the ego (Nafs). This process begins from good knowledge, science and it’s practical application to daily life. 
The Guide Sidi Hamza has said:   “Every man is slave of something, except the one who is internally free. Call upon (invoke) GOD in order to become free “
Sidi Hamza always recommends his disciples the abundance of invocation (dhikr) and constancy in the spiritual practices of the way. The following word of Sidi Hamza reflects this. “Respect the religious law (Sharia), be regular in your individual invocations (Wird) and go to the collective meetings (Ijtima): if you respect these indications, I guarantee to you that your heart will not be able to cool down and that you will always progress.”

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