Councils & Wisdoms

   o              “To know GOD is without limit. Every step of the journey is hence more beautiful and marvellous than the previous one.” 

o         “When Divine Love inhabits the heart, nothing appears difficult, and one profits by everything that happens. Thankfully, this comes from the fact that love erases the veil that separates us from Reality (GOD). As this veil becomes thinner and thinner, one experiences a profound joy that emanates from this proximity with Reality. One is therefore invaded by the perception of Beauty (GOD). 

o         “Defects and ugliness are not in things or people, but in the impurity of our vision of them. The more the soul is peaceful, perfect and pure, the more it will become disposed to see in all people a Luminous Divine manifestation: all is beautiful. Only the unpolished heart of the disciple renders things ugly.” 

o         “Love all people no matter what their religion, race or opinions! Everyone is where GOD meant him to be and it is not appropriate for us to be judgemental.” 

o         “Wisdom is in the heart. He who wants to find water in his well must dig. The deeper he digs, the more abundant the water; if he stops digging, the water will not exceed the initial level. He who digs this well should not say, or believe, that all the water has reached its highest level; he must continue to dig; for this well has no limit.”

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