Shaykh Dr.Jamal-Eddine Al Qadiri Boutchich

Shaykh Dr.Jamal-Eddine Al Qadiri Boutchich is the Spiritual Master of the Tariqa (Path) Qadiriyya Boudchichiya. A Knower of God and having internalised the treasure of the Truth (haqiqa) within him, he manifests the Divine Law (Sharia), through his words and his acts. A Man of God, having reached His Presence and a guide towards the same, he is at the same time an effusion of beauty and majesty in the degree of perfection and of spiritual fulfilment.

He is the son and inheritor of Shaykh Sidi Hamza, may Allah sanctify his secret, the Grand Master, the Mohammadien inheritor who was confirmed in the station of the ‘Set Apart’ ( afrads) and who was the originator of the revitalisation of the Sufi heritage tradition over the last decades.

He is the grandson of Sidi Al Abbas, great Spiritual Guide, known for his faithfulness and his very great generousity, son of Sidi Al Muktar, a realised man of God, satisfied in Him and symbol of Moroccan resistance in the North of Morocco.

The ancestry, spiritual as well as natural, of Shaykh Dr.Jamal-Eddine traces back to the Prophet Mohammed, Peace and Blessings be upon him, passing through Moulay Abdel Qader Al Jilani, one of the greatest figures of Sufism, initia path of the Islamic tradition.

Sidi Jamal Eddine was born in 1942 in Madagh, a small village near the town of Berkane, situated in the East of the Sharif Kingdom of Morocco. He grew up in the heart of the Zawiya, blessed by his ancestors, the Zawiya Qadiriya Boudchichiya where he bathed in the lights of the Path guided successively by exceptional men: Sidi Boumedienne, Sidi Al Abbas and Sidi Hamza, may Allah bless them all. In their company, he acquired the subtle and fine knowledge of spiritual initiation. Sidi Al Abbas, his grandfather and Master, showed him great love and chose him to be in his service. It was he who chose as wife for Sidi Jamal, Lalla Fatiha, a woman blessed by God, descendent of the Prophet (PBH), mother of his sons and an example of devotion through service to the people of the Path.

In the zawiya in Madagh, Sidi Jamal Eddine learnt the Holy Quran and received instruction in the fundamental Islamic sciences. He began thereafter a general bilingual education in Arabic and French along with a religious education. At the secondary school Moulay Idriss in Fez, he benefited from teachers among whom numbered Faqih Idriss Ibn El Mahi El Idrissi and, man of letters, Sidi Mohammed Belkhiat. In the faculty of Sharia of Fez he learnt the science of obligatory acts (‘Ilm al fara’id) with the great Scholar Sidi Al Ghazi Al Houssayni. He learnt equally jurisprudence (fiqh) and comparative jurisprudence (fiqh mouqaran) with the great scholar Sidi Abdelkrim El Daoudi. In 1995 he completed the Diploma of Higher Studies in Islamic Sciences from the greatest Moroccan Institute dedicated to the Prophetic Tradition (Dar El Hadith El Hassania), presenting a study on the manuscript of the book of Abu Salem El Ayachi (Irchad almountassib ila fahmi ma’ounati almouktassib wa boughyati attagiri almouhtassib). Later in 2001, he obtained from the same Institute a doctorate presenting his thesis entitled,” The Institution of the Zawiya in Morocco: between tradition and modernity”. In this work, Sidi Jamal Eddine defended the role of this organisation central to the organisation of Moroccan society as an institution at the centre of renewal, preparing for the challenges of today and for its wider dissemination.

Sidi Jamal Ediine, may Allah bless him and assist him, has always been a man of education, loving knowledge and attached to its transmission, conforming to the prophetic tradition which said: the best of you is the one who, having learnt the Quran, teaches it to others. For many years, he devoted a lot of time to the inspection of Quranic schools in the province of Berkane and those responsible for these schools have benefited from his advice and his orientation.

Since the death of his father and master, Sidi Hamza, may Allah sanctify his secret, which happened on Wednesday 19th rabi attani, in the year 1438 of the Hijra which corresponds to the year 2017 of the Christian era, Sidi Jamal Eddine became arrayed with authorisation (Idhn) emanating from the Holy Divine Presence and from the Holy Mohammedien Presence. While alive, Sidi Hamza RA, said to Sidi Jamal Eddine,”that which I have, you have also’. It was in this way that he indicated to Sidi Jamal Eddine that he was associated with the authorisation that descended from Sidi AlHaj Al Abbass. It was this that he confirmed in his written spiritual testament delivered for all to see.

Whether you are interested in the Tariqa, Sufism or Spirituality in general, we hope that by keeping in touch we can help one another to explore the illumination and love that this path teaches.

No books can contain the luminous knowledge and divine secrets that this active spiritual path has to offer. It is a path that must be experienced. We hope to offer people a taste of this path by inviting those with a sincere interest to our invitational gatherings and circles of remembrance. 

“To know God is without limit. Every step of the journey is hence more beautiful and marvellous than the one before it.”

The Tariqa Qadiriya Boutchichiyya is an active spiritual path whose light illuminates the lives of hundreds of thousands of disciples across the UK, North Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the USA, Malaysia, Japan and beyond.